I didn’t end up taking any pictures, but Busto Arsizio was a lot of fun. C and I both showed up late which meant our initial plans had to be cancelled. Instead, we went for a decent walk and grabbed a drink and aperitif in the town centre. We’ll be meeting up some time next week or whenever to go to a traditional, 50’s-themed American diner where she may introduce me to her girlfriend N. I’ve always wanted to go to one of those diners and I’ll be even more pumped if everyone wants to go dressed up in semi-vintage outfits. I might do that even if no one else is on board because I need more excuses to play dress-up. 

Slight bummer of the night was accidentally taking an express train to Milan instead of the train that was meant to take me back to Legnano. Getting lost is actually a big phobia of mine and I ended up having a mild panic attack. Luckily it stopped at a station only 15 minutes from my normal stop, so I got off, hopped on the right train and was on my way home at last. 

Also, my dad is visiting and he brought the copy of Kingdom Hearts that I bought online with him. asdfjkl; I  am SO excited!! I’ve been wanting to play this game for years and now I own a copy! 

One last thing, I watched “Edge of Tomorrow” tonight and I am so impressed! I will absolutely be watching it again multiple times. They finally made another sci-fi movie that fulfilled everything I could have wanted from it.

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I’m finally applying for a Pathways course (aka a bridging course). Wish me luck! 

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